Business Member Payments

Business Member Payments

Member Services

During the trial period no Membership Subscription Fees are payable.

Members with paid Member Services must pay the Membership Subscription Fee (plus GST) monthly in advance to maintain a current membership.

Members may select one month or quarterly periods during 2013 as their Member Services period.

Membership is automatically renewed on each membership renewal date for the same period as the previous period unless You advise Us 14 days prior to the next membership renewal date that You do not want to continue Your membership.

For Business Members with paid Member Services the renewal of their membership is subject to them carrying out their Business Services in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

Membership Subscription Fees may alter or change following reasonable notice to Members.

Membership invoices

Invoices (in AUD) for Member Services are forwarded prior to membership renewal dates to Business Members. GST is added for Australian based transactions.



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