Shared value system


The website business operates as a social business enterprise. It brings together customers, businesses and public sector organisations or groups to create additional value and more benefits. It uses a shared value system so more value can be created, added or linked to services. This means more value-based benefits for customers, businesses and stakeholders.

The website has systems that; 

  • connect private sector and public/community sector businesses with their customers;
  • connect these businesses and their customers with stakeholder organisations and groups that provide social, community, cultural, environmental, charitable and business support services;
  • can add value to business services and products businesses have listed;
  • can potentially provide more support for stakeholders for their important services so they have more resources to make a difference and give back; and
  • are supported by customers, businesses and stakeholder organisations. 


Adding value: giving back to communities










  • Customers can find services with added value they need.
  • Businesses can add more value to their businesses in many ways.
  • The community can benefit at the same time!


After choosing the services and benefits you need send a request to a listed business by using a secure messaging system. Include your preferences in the request.  Find out more here

Types of benefits

There are many additional benefits available with each transaction or service such as;

  • savings from 10% to over 50% for some services;
  • additional services or extra items included; or
  • benefits such as a donation or gift made to a community group or organisation.


Adding more value and giving back to communities

All customers, businesses and stakeholders can gain or provide more value to each other. Adding and sharing value adds benefits for customers, private businesses, community businesses and stakeholders.

Community benefits – ways to give back to your community

There are many ways to give back value to communities. For example, forward a percentage of a transaction such as 1% to your favourite charity or a community group as part of a transaction process. Then, it’s a ‘win-win’ for everyone.

Businesses services with added value

On the website businesses can list their services to provide more benefits to their customers and their communities. Easily link additional value to your business services and gain the value and benefits for your business by reaching more customers. In this way create more interest in your business so you get more work.

Businesses - gain more value

Many types of services can be listed and each service will have more added value. This means more value-added services are available.

How does my business gain more value?

Your business can gain more value by;

  • reaching more customers through new networks;
  • motivating customers with special incentives to choose your services;
  • using many of the free value-based services available;
  • reducing business costs and expenses; and
  • supporting community organisations, groups and events.


See more business competitive advantages. Find out more here


Business services


(a) Commercial businesses

Example of services;

  • accommodation services;
  • event or entertainment services;
  • hospitality services;
  • recreation services; 
  • cultural services;
  • travel services;
  • trade and non trade services such as building, plumbing or construction services;
  • landscaping, gardening or nursery services;
  • community-based services;
  • professional business services such as advisory services, information or research services;
  • employment services;
  • education/training services; 
  • scientific or technical services; or 
  • other services,


(b) Social and community based businesses

Example of services;

  • community services;
  • health services;
  • employment programs;
  • disability services;
  • building, plumbing, construction, repairs, maintenance or other trade or non-trade services; 
  • cleaning services;
  • environmental and waste management services;
  • landscaping, nursery and gardening services;
  • business support services;
  • administration or advisory services;
  • information or research services;
  • employment and training services;
  • educational services;
  • social, health, or indigenous services;
  • hospitality services; 
  • youth assistance services;
  • services for disadvantaged or disabled persons;
  • emergency related services;
  • environmental projects and programs;
  • volunteering services; 
  • technical services; or
  • other community services.



Stakeholders include charities, service organisations,  organisations and associations, support programs, volunteer organisations, industry groups or associations, other groups and participants. Stakeholders contribute significantly to the creation and exchange of public value through their involvement and activities.


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