There are many free services and paid services available from the website. For some services you will need a Member Account.


Business member accounts

Businesses will need a business member account to provide their business services from the website.


Create a free member account

If you do not have a Member Account either select create an account on the home page to set up your new Member Account. In just a few steps you will have created your new Member Account and you can begin to obtain special value features with your services.


















Create a free Member Account - it is easy and takes 3 steps

Step 1: From the website select create an account and then enter your email address, a password, name and agree to the website Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy (see below).

Send an account request

Step 2: Forward your request to set up an account by selecting my special account (see below).

Member Account creation

Step 3: You will now receive an email with a link to activate your new account.

You can now manage your Member Account from your website dashboard.


















Account Usernames

Each account has a username to use. This is used with the free internal messaging service for sending and receiving messages. The username is a your first name and is displayed when messages are sent. This means there is consistency in how messages are displayed. Business usernames are included with  business messages.

Note: Your your email address is used only for Account administration purposes unless you authorise us to use it for other purposes. We will not send marketing information or add your address to any mailing lists without your agreement.



After creating your Member Account you can login to your account from any page on the website. To logout select the logout option.

Customer services

You can use your account to begin using the many services available, for example;

  • gaining value-based benefits; and
  • obtaining other website services.


Using your Account

From your Member Account dashboard you can update your contact details and other information in your account.

Change email address

You can change you email address you registered with anytime from Your account dashboard. Once you have altered the email address, select Update and your new email address will be altered.

Change password

You can change your password by adding a new password and confirming the changes. If you cannot remember your password forward a request to Customer Support. An email will be sent to your inbox with a reset password link. Select the link and follow the prompts to update your Account password.



With a Business Member Account your business can;

  • provide business services from the website; and
  • take advantage of the many benefits available for Members.

Find out more about business registration or how to register your business.


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