Stakeholders: building community capacity







Stakeholders are very important participants as they contribute significantly to the creation and exchange of value. Stakeholders and their services have a public interest purpose. They can include organisations, associations, groups, entities or participants such as;

  • charities;
  • social, community-based or indigenous businesses or organisations;
  • social enterprises, organisations or associations;
  • social support businesses, entities or organisations;
  • service organisations, associations or groups;
  • environmental organisations, associations or groups;
  • care organisations or entities;
  • emergency or disaster management organisations, associations or groups;
  • professional, representative or trade associations or entities;
  • trust or philanthropy entities; 
  • government or statutory entities;
  • stakeholder related (public interest) projects or programs;
  • other public interest organisations, associations or groups.


Stakeholder related services can include community or social services, health and medical services, educational services, disability services, employment support services, environmental services (eg; landcare or energy services), indigenous services, cause related services, emergency or disaster related services, cultural services, youth services, industry services, animal care services and many other important services and programs (this is not an exhaustive list).


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