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The website services include special value featuresThey can add more value and benefits to listed business services. 

Special value!

Special value can be added during each process! This can result in more value and benefits being gained each time you use them.




How do I find services with Special Value Features?

It is easy to search for services with special value features

You can search from the home page and see what is available before you purchase or use any services.

Special Value Features – examples

There are many types of special value featuresSo there are many types of benefits possible! Some examples of additional benefits special value features can add are;

  • a gardening business adds a free plant with its services;
  • a business consultant adds a ‘free’ consultation for new customers;
  • some free time is added to your services, for example, a free session;
  • a travel business provides a discounted side trip;
  • a donation to a charity is made as part of organising a service you need;
  • an extra service is added, for example, a free service;
  • a free item is available with services;
  • a website business includes a discount on website design work;
  • free entry is included to a venue for another person;
  • a free sample product is included with your services;
  • a new service is included at no extra charge;
  • a customer referral service is available to promote a business;
  • a weekly 'special' for some services is available;
  • a mystery service is added as a surprise.


There are many others possibilities! Find out more about special value features.




Distinguish your business services

Use the features as a way to distinguish your services from other business services. If your customers obtain more benefits each time they use your services they will want to come back!

Interest your customers - create more value!

Create some great features to interest your customers. It is easy! These features can be your usual benefits you provide or they can be new ones. It is all about creating value for your customers and for your new customers. Use the features to showcase the value you have!

How to interest your customers more!

The more value you can provide the more interest you can potentially generate.

Some tips! Your features should;

  • appeal to your customers and to potential customers;
  • be interesting to attract new customers;
  • be easy to use;
  • have some free components to generate greater interest.


More benefits

There are many additional benefits your business can provide to your customers or for new customers. Some examples of special value features could be;

  • add some free time to your services, for example, a free session;
  • add an extra service, for example, a free service;
  • add a free entry for a person;
  • add a free sample product with your services;
  • add a new service at no extra charge;
  • introduce a referral service to promote your business;
  • introduce a weekly service 'special' with some of your services;
  • involve a sponsor so you can provide a free item with your services;
  • provide a donation to a charity as part of a service you provide;
  • add a mystery service as a surprise for customers this week.


Surprise your customers by adding more value - more than they were expecting! Generate more ongoing interest this way in your in your services. Create more loyalty!



Providing more value for your customers can provide marketing advantages. 

The website will be developed further to be able to promote and highlight the many important contributions made by people, businesses and stakeholders to make a difference and give back to their communities. Therefore, it will be developed to;

  • promote the value added services, value added products and their benefits;
  • highlight stakeholder events, causes, programs and achievements;
  • feature the people, businesses, employees, stakeholders and others involved in adding value, making a difference and giving back;
  • feature new initiatives and innovation that will be beneficial;
  • feature areas where more resources are required; and
  • feature the potential benefits and positive social and community impacts achieved.


With this further development the website will highlight and acknowledge these important efforts and there will be more ‘doing good’ news stories!


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