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Add value to your business

We know customers look for value. Use special value features to add more value and benefits to your services for your customers. Provide something extra and see the results! 

  • add more benefits for your customers;
  • find new customers; and
  • add business value.


How special value features can add value

Gain some more customers by using special value features. Special value features can add more benefits to your services for customers.

How to use special value features

Exceed your customers' expectations!  Add something extra, for example;

  • a gardening business adds a free plant with a service;
  • a business adds a ‘free’ consultation for new customers;
  • a tourism business provides a discount with their tours; 
  • a website business includes an extra free service with their design work;
  • a cafe has a special promotion.


These all add more benefits for customers. See more examples here.


Gain value by differentiating your business services

Your business can gain more value too!

Differentiate your services;

  • with added benefits with each of your services;
  • motivate your customers so they remain remain loyal
  • gain longer term customer value.


Competitive advantages

Gain competitive advantages;

  • more loyal customers;
  • more positive feedback;
  • more interest from potential customers;
  • add value instead of 'discounting'.;
  • make savings.


See more benefits for your business here



Use special value features as a way to cost effectively market your business. Extend your customer network to new customers in both the private and public sectors. Find out more competitive marketing advantages here

Register your business

Register your business to add special value to your services.

Find out more about how to register here

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