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To display an example of a listed business


- on the home page select, as an example,  business services (category) and gardening services (sub category) to display a business profile, business information and special value feature of a listed business;

- from a business profile a customisable special services request form can be selected (the form is on lower left side of profile pages);

- customers will be prompted to first create a free customer account if they do not already have one before sending their request or inquiry;

- after setting up an account (name, email address, password) customers can then send their request direct to a listed business;

- messages are able to be sent directly to listed businesses using the free internal secure messaging service; messages are displayed in account dashboards;

- businesses send quotes to customers for their services in response with their special features using the messaging service;

- select this link for further details of the special services request process and how it works.


More examples


Businesses - making a difference for customers

Businesses must ensure when they list their services that each of their listed business services links to one of more special value features. In this way businesses can add value and benefits every time a website transaction or service is completed. 

This is easy to do and is completed from the business account dashboard by each business.

As more value is added to their business services they can provide more benefits with each transaction for their customers. This can create more customer satisfaction and potentially exceed their service expectations. Other benefits then can follow for the business.

More value is added by this special value feature example;

example: a gardening and landscaping service business includes a free gardening advisory service with each new job worth over $150.00 for customers (value: $30.00 for new customers only).


Customers - making a difference by giving back to communities

Customers can also add more benefits from their transactions to pass onto community organisations, environmental organisations,  charities or their programs and projects ("stakeholders").

More value is added by this special value feature example; 

example; a donation is sent to a community program as part of a transaction (eg; Save the Tasmanian Devil program).


Businesses - making a difference by giving back to communities

When linking a special value feature with their services, businesses can choose where the additional benefits are to be directed. They can provide benefits not only for their customers but also for their communities. For example, benefits for important social, community, charity or environmental stakeholder purposes.

In this way they can assist also in important community needs being met and in supporting stakeholders and their activities.

More value is added by this special value feature example;

example a business includes a deduction from a sale transaction (eg; 1% or more) to be forwarded to a stakeholder group. It also separately provides an extra benefit to their customer from the same transaction.


Other options for making a difference and giving back

A business can choose other options as well such as passing on benefits from one transaction to both a customer and a stakeholder. This could be for the same or different benefits. 'One-off'' arrangements recurring arrangements can be set up.

An example that directs benefits to both customers and stakeholders from one transaction could be;

  • a donation to particular community stakeholders; and
  • an extra service for particular customers.


More information - special value features