The website works by bringing together customers, businesses (private and public/community sectors), communities and their organisations. In this way more value can be created for more benefits to be available for customers, businesses, community stakeholders and others.



























When services are registered on the website special features can add more value or highlight existing added value. In this way additional benefits can be created to benefit customers and others with each transaction!

The extra benefits can be financial or non-financial benefits. They can be used by customers, stakeholders, communities or their environments. See some examples here

Add even more value with each transaction

Many businesses, stakeholders, and customers can also create even more benefits. This creates more value-adding opportunities for everyone involved with each transaction. Then there are more benefits available to be used or shared. 

By registering your business services value can be added to them and this can provide more benefits to your customers. It is free to register and obtain assistance in setting up your business profile. Find out more here: business registration information

Example - to show a listed business; on the home page; select business services (category) and gardening services (sub category) to display a business profile, business information and special value feature; find out more here

Business system

This social business enterprise uses a shared value system to create more value-based benefits for customers, businesses, stakeholders and their communities. This can can also make a positive difference and have important positive impacts by giving back to those people, communities and environments in need of support. Collaboration and more contributions can create even more value and benefits for those involved.

Adding value to transactions: donations to community programs

Save the Tasmanian Devil program