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Do you need extra value with each of your purchases and other services? Do you need savings? Do you need a solution?

Discover more value

Do you need extra value with each of your purchases and other services? Do you need savings? Do you need a solution? This is where you can discover more value with the services you need. Choose how you want services provided and when. Each time you obtain services there can be opportunities to gain some more value!

Opportunities for more value

Gain value-based benefits with each purchase. Find services that could exceed your expectations.

Solutions with more benefits

Find solutions you need in the way you need them.

Find the type of services that suit your preferences. Find find services with added value you need.

Find services with additional value

For the special value services you need;

  • search on the website for the services you need
  • see what additional value is offered with each of the listed business services.



The community can benefit at the same time! 

Arrange a special services request

After you find the services you need;

  • complete a services request for a quote from a preferred business;
  • send the request securely via an internal messaging service r the business;
  • review or accept the quote you receive back;
  • have the work done and get extra value benefits;
  • leave a review about the services.


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